The course was designed with the developing paddler in mind, however we do need to control the use of the course, basically so paddlers don’t get hurt or hurt each other! To that end paddlers need to be of 3 Star ability, need to be able to make break outs or ferry glide in order to stop or slow themselves down. A User card is required to paddle the course, see the information below.

Sunday Session
Sundays from 2nd April 2017 2:30pm – 6:00pm

Tuesday Session
Tuesdays from 4th April 2017 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Courses Closures & Changes to Session Times: None.

Please note that the above operating times are subject to change on the day if there is a low attendance. Please support the centre and make the most of your Paddling Sessions this year. There is no guarantee the centre will be open for general paddling due to exclusive bookings or where water levels are high or low. So please telephone the Centre on the day of your visit on 01604 634040.

Adult £8.00
Child £6.00

Adult £12.00
Child £9.00

NWC Paddle Card & Group Paddling Information for 2017

Park & Play will consist of 2 groups:
1. Unsupervised paddlers
2. Supervised paddlers (as part of a group led by a group leader)

To paddle the course UNSUPERVISED
– You need to be BCU 3 Star OR have relevant paddling experience on grade 2/3 water.
– Download and complete the Medical Consent Form and the Safety & Risk Declaration and hand into reception on your next visit.
– Registration is held for up to 12 months, Jan thro’ Dec

To paddle the course as part of a SUPERVISED group
– Download and complete the Medical Consent Form and the Acknowledgement of Risk for SUPERVISED Paddlers – this is a shortened version of the unsupervised one
– Give these forms to your coach or GROUP LEADER to check over.
– Registration is held for up to 12 months, Jan thro’ Dec

Group Leader
– Per-requisites: BCU L3, UKCC L2 + MWE, or equivalent (in the relevant discipline)
– Maximum coach / student ration of 1:6
– The Group Leader shall sign on all members of the group
– Will operate within the guidelines set by his/her NGB, and relevant to their award and discipline
– The Group Leader is wholly responsible for the group for the duration of the activity
– The Group Leader must be registered as a Park & Play paddler
– The Group Leader must bring proof of his qualification on EVERY visit to the Centre

A complete summary of the Park & Play card process can be found HERE