Your day will consist of any 2 or 3 of the activities listed below and will include lunch at about 1.00pm. We will supply you with Qualified Instructors and all of the Safety equipment required. Your anticipated arrival time should be approximately 9.30 am with refreshments being served on arrival.

For your experience day, we would appreciate it if you could come prepared with the following; Swimwear, T-shirt and trainers that you do not mind getting wet, along with a towel and showering equipment for after your experience (we have changing rooms on site)….oh yes, and dry clothes to go home in!

2 Activities + Lunch (approximately 4 hours duration)
3 Activities + Lunch (approximately 7 hours duration)

£80.00* – 2 Activities
£120.00* – 3 Activities
Minimum 10 people

Raft Building – 1½ hours
This is a team exercise, whereby we will divide you into 2 groups. We will supply each group with; Plastic Barrels, Wooden Poles and Rope. Under the guidance of your tutor, each group will be given a brief outline as to their task of working together to build a river fairing raft. Once it is constructed, you will get the opportunity to test your handiwork on the river and see how well you have done at tying your knots, working as a team and trying to keep your raft together on the water.

Pioneering – 1½ hours
You will be supplied with materials and given a challenge. As a group you will need to discuss what you have been given and the best way to jointly achieve your given task. This could be as simple as being given a starting point – logs, rope and other items – an end point – and a task to complete……..or is it that simple??

Flat Water Kayaking – 1½ hours
Each member of the group will be given a short briefing as to what they can expect to experience and learn from this session, after which everyone will be given a single person kayak which you will take out on the River Nene. Your tutor will then give you the opportunity to test your paddling and control skills before playing a few water games and teaching you ‘how it should be done’.

White Water Tubing – 1½ hours
After a quick briefing, try your hand at staying afloat in our inflatable rings as you negotiate your way through eddy’s, whirlpools and boils whilst being washed down the white water course. Watch out for the two and a half metre drop into the frothy mass at the end.

White Water Rafting – 2 hours
Your group will be divided into smaller groups of six and all given a safety briefing. Each group will then carry their chosen raft to the river and have a quick paddle on the flat water to ensure that everyone is comfortable with what they need to do and understand the safety briefing they have just been given. Once your raft guide is comfortable that you are happy, then you will be taken to the 300 metre man made water course. On each descent of the water course your raft guide will control your raft giving you a different experience and developing your skills and understanding of white water rapids.

Climbing Wall – 2 hours
Your group will be given a quick safety briefing and then be ‘Shown the Ropes’ for you to try your hand at climbing our 7 metre portable wall

Bushcraft – 2 hours
You can chose from the following activities for this session

  • Map Reading & Orienteering – Finding different items using a map & compass.
  • Fire Lighting & Management – Lighting a fire using 1 of many methods of ignition and leaving no trace.
  • Water Collection & Treatment – Collecting water from a particular source, filtering and sterilising it, then using it.
  • Cordage – Knot tying using either natural materials or synthetic cord
  • Shelter Building – Building an improvised shelter using tarpaulin alongside natural materials to windproof it.

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